22 October

I want to feel confident when my team Arsenal is playing, stress is not my portion. Emry have to go

emry have to go plz


good morning


Please emery best to go before we push a lot

The next three fixtures arsenal is dead Crystal palace, Wolverhampton then leceister with unai's stupid selection we are dead....🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

Yuo stood still as the goal was scored,poor leadership from you..Pliz Emery and Xhaka should leave Arsenal before its too late....

I like the three futures in premier league 👍

Hmmmm imagine Unai having given everything he needs, to take the team to a different level, only he knows i leave OZill out of the team, make the idiot xhaka the captain, and he finally stand on the touchline and open his mouth 👄 like a dead fish.

emery has lost the mind

Emery out

Let’s give emery until the end of the season

But emery bought a lb to improve our lb problems we haven’t had a good lb since cambell left if were going to but a lb then play him ffs

Did i just. Read. that Pepe converted. A penalty vs Bournemouth 😂😂😂

I dnt tink dis man cn get us back back to championship. We better sack him nw.

new manager is needed unless things change arsenal need to start pushing forward rather than playing on left plus more communication is needed in this team

Emery out

a former France division 2 player becoming one of the best in arsenal squad with a lot of trust from the couch.. #stupid.. Guandozi will not even break into wolves first 11 and we are praising the young man

arsenal have passed the era of try your luck.. the only player that should be giving game time should be saka he even plays more than guandozi and xhaka combined..