Cristiano Ronaldo misses incredible 1-on-1 chance against Luxembourg, goalkeeper doesn't even try

Cristiano Ronaldo misses incredible 1-on-1 chance against Luxembourg, goalkeeper doesn't even try

Could you ever imagine Cristiano Ronaldo missing two sitters in two seconds against the 98th-ranked Luxembourg side?

In 2021, it's possible.

Portugal's lead wasn't really comfortable when one of Luxembourg's players basically gifted Cristiano Ronaldo the ball with his awkward pass.

Everything Cristiano needed was to beat the goalkeeper but he failed the challenge twice.

Portugal won the game 3-1, one of the goals was scored by Cristiano.


Thomas Muller makes surprising comment about potential transfer

When asked about his future at Bayern Munich, Thomas Muller said: “I’m not fixed to this club. I have a special relationship but If I decide to move, it wouldn’t be a problem at all.”

Muller has been a Bayern Munich player since joining them at the age of 11 back in 2000 and coming up through their youth academy. He made his professional debut for the Bundesliga giants in 2008 and has been a regular member of the squad since, winning 9 Bundesliga titles, 2 Champions League and multiple DFB Pokal trophies as well.

The German midfielder’s surprising revelation has caught many by surprise with many finding it hard to believe that he could actually leave the club in the future.

Biggest football TV show in Spain reveals inside information where Haaland 'wants to play next season'

Erling Haaland is admired by plenty of clubs, but he only wants to join Real Madrid.

At least, that's what their fans in Spain have been told by El Chiringuito, arguably the biggest football show in the country, and its host Josep Pedrerol.

"In Dortmund, they know that Haaland wants to play at Real Madrid," Pedrerol said. "If Real Madrid want to sign him this year then they have to pay whatever Dortmund ask for.

"Real Madrid have an advantage compared to the others and that's the good relationship Florentino Perez has with the Dortmund hierarchy. So, if Dortmund decide to sell Haaland then Florentino Perez will be the first to know.

"If there is a big offer from Manchester City or Barcelona then Perez will be the first to know. So Real Madrid are better-placed than Barcelona or Manchester City.

"Now, it depends on if Dortmund have problems in terms of being able to sell him now. If Dortmund don't make it into the Champions League then they can't justify the sale of their star.

"They wouldn't be able to justify to their fans the idea of being out of Europe and losing Haaland."

It's safe to say, however, that this particular reporter is known for linking every top player with Real Madrid. On Twitter, some fans don't even try to take his new claims seriously.

Vash the stampede: "Haaland, Mbappe, Neymar, Lewandowski, Suárez, Agüero, Messi, De Bruyne, Pogba, De Ligt, Kounde... all of them [want to join Real Madrid]. Then none of them arrive, but it is not a bad strategy, if you say that everyone wants to play there, even if you fail 200 times, a couple of them you end up getting it right."

Manel Carbonell: "Is it the same source that said that Neymar would play at Real Madrid?"

Chavi: "Source: What Florentino tells me."

If the report is true, only a few clubs in the world could afford to sign the 20-year-old talent. Yet, they'll probably think twice before making a decision on him.

Source:; UEFA