Haaland admits FWA award could've gone to two other players - one plays for Arsenal

Haaland admits FWA award could've gone to two other players - one plays for Arsenal

Speaking to William Hill, Erling Haaland said: “If I had to pick another player to have won Player of the Year, I would say my Norwegian friend, [Martin] Odegaard has had a really good season.

“There are also other teammates that could have easily won it because there’s a lot of players in the Manchester City team that have been outstanding this season. If you watch all of our games, you will see that Rodri has just been so solid throughout the whole season.

“I think sometimes he is a bit hidden because he is in midfield and he’s the one pulling everything together. I don’t want to say too many names, but maybe it could have been one of them.”

Odegaard has enjoyed a sensational season after helping Arsenal to what was an unexpected title challenge. The former Real Madrid playmaker has 15 goals and eight assists to his name in the Premier League this term.

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Alan DeRong Kang
Honestly, he deserves it by making history. The names he mentioned; Nah not Rodri. To many, Rodri seems solid and world class. But that fact is that he’s been protected by referees around and is getting away with alot of cheap shots , fouls and cards. (Similar to Joelinton and the entire Newcastle) A good e.g will be casemiro, which did the same as Rodri and got red carded in occasions. xhaka and Partey will will be penalised as we’ve seen it before. If Rodri plays with Arsenal , with the tackles and cheap shots he did in Arsenal shirt, he would have been suspended 30ish games. Nevertheless, for Haaland’s claim; Odegaard besides being his compatriot, Still needs to be louder and consistent in taking over games even when the rest is down. He needs to learn how to carry them. A good example will be de bruyne. Just look at the game vs BHA, which ended 1-1. When De Bruyne decides not to play, Gundo can’t carry the team. (Which is why I don’t recommend Arteta getting Gundo unless we can’t get Rice and caicedo). Even mahrez is useless without de bruyne refusing to show despite its a meaningless game for them. On contrary, Haaland shd have name De bruyne the next in line to win the award. Without de bruyne , haaland won’t be breaking the record. Without de bruyne, who pass the ball to haaland ? 😂 Let’s not forget who pass him the ball. Who went thru the extramile to get him the ball. None other than De bruyne who has a fancy number of assists. Which is why overall I felt there’s some heat between haaland and de bruyne.
damyboy damola
Halland deserves any award given to him this season he made the best choice going to man city sometimes u get a player that makes the team the best all that man city needed hopefully this season the gunners will get the right player that makes us thick and better jist like we got Odegard saliba.
Wayne George
Congratulations to them but we need a proper striker.

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