'Solidarity, not self-interest, must prevail': Ceferin celebrates Super League demise

'Solidarity, not self-interest, must prevail': Ceferin celebrates Super League demise
  • A wide-ranging report on the Super League has been published by UEFA.
  • Ceferin claims the ESL would've 'destroyed the value' of football.

Speaking about the European Super League, UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin said: "This report outlines how broadcast penalties, empty stadiums, reduced commercial revenues, and the collapse in transfer profits have led to a projected €8.7 billion shortfall in professional club revenues.

"The pain was shared equally among top and lower tier clubs, only partly compensated by cost savings. Competition structures that destroy value [the ESL], offering to give with one hand while taking away with five hands, are certainly not the answer.

"The whole football ecosystem, at professional, amateur and youth levels, has been heavily disrupted by the pandemic. This requires concerted efforts and a co-ordinated response throughout the football pyramid. Solidarity, not self-interest, must prevail and will win the day."

Chelsea were among the 12 founding clubs of the ill-fated Super League project with the Blues pulling out after the new competition was rejected by fans.

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus remain committed to reshaping the ESL although UEFA are looking to punish those who refuse to renounce it.

Source: UEFA Official

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