Tribuna/News/How did Pulisic get Covid after vaccination? Why Arsenal are so s**t? 8 unanswered questions from London derby

How did Pulisic get Covid after vaccination? Why Arsenal are so s**t? 8 unanswered questions from London derby

How did Pulisic get Covid after vaccination? Why Arsenal are so s**t? 8 unanswered questions from London derby

Chelsea emphatically defeated Arsenal 2-0 on Monday, with Romelu Lukaku marking his second debut with the Blues with a fantastic performance.

The game left many 'burning' questions from the fans though—and Tribuna tries to answer some of them.

Is it safe to start James v Liverpool?

Reece looked vulnerable defensively, so a portion of fans think Azpilicueta should start at right wing-back on Saturday to offer solidity at the back against Mane.

Liverpool are arguably the best in the league when it comes to punishing for defensive mistakes, so these concerns make a lot of sense.

However, James' poor performance at the back was clearly caused by instructions given to him by Tuchel.

Reece was tasked with invading space vacated by Tierney, Arsenal's marauding left-back. And Tuchel's plan worked perfectly, with James playing a crucial role in both goals.

Perhaps if he's told not to wander that far away and keep a close eye on Mant at Anfield, he could play there too—and it would be a deserved start for Reece after a top display against the Gunners.

Why was Chalobah on the bench?

This is tied to the James game plan discussed above. Azpilicueta is simply more experienced and is more effective in defending space behind James than Trevoh.

Arsenal targeted the centre-left channel, and they could have been more successful had Chalobah and James played together at the Emirates.

How did Pulisic get Covid after vaccination?

As you know, Christian Pulisic is double vaccinated but he still returned a positive Covid-19 test, forcing him to miss the Arsenal game.

There could be two answers to this question.

First, it could have been a false positive. Sometimes a test shows a positive result even when the person is not sick.

Second, Pulisic might have had the so-called 'breakthrough infection'. It refers to getting infected with Covid after vaccination.

This happens because vaccines do not offer 100% protection against infection: their primary goal is to prevent people from suffering severe symptoms.

As Christian said, he is currently asymptomatic.

Why Arsenal are so s**t?

Many Chelsea fans have been surprised by Arsenal being so easily exposed in defence and looking so toothless in attack.

But Arsenal have been on a downward spiral for so many years now. Their poor transfer policy—signing flops like Pepe, Mustafi, Mkhitaryan and giving huge contracts to Ozil, Aubameyang and Willian—has particularly let them down.

Additionally, they have trusted the team to the wrong managers. Unai Emery has never been successful outside Spain, while Mikel Arteta is a rookie coach with no managing experience prior to joining Arsenal.

Their struggles after parting ways with Wenger look similar to what Man United went through after Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement.

Should a penalty have been awarded for James' challenge on Saka?

Shortly before the break, Saka went down in Chelsea's penalty box after a challenge from James. Mikel Arteta said it was a 'clear' penalty.

The VAR officials told the referee on the pitch not to review the episode because they felt it wasn't a penalty.

And Arsenal legend Sol Campbell agreed with the ref's decision: "I don’t think it was a penalty, there wasn’t much in it," he said on Sky Sports at the break, with Roy Keane and Graeme Souness nodding in agreement.


Why did Werner not start?

Tuchel said after the game that Lukaku had linked up well with Havertz and Mount in training. That probably explains his decision to start the Kai-Rom-Mase trio.

Additionally, it could be the case Werner and Lukaku need some time to learn each other's movements to be truly effective together. Tuchel earlier claimed the duo could play together, with Timo playing off Romelu.

Why were Kante and Ziyech on the bench?

Both have just returned from injuries so they were likely not ready to play full 90 minutes. They did improve Chelsea when came on, so we wouldn't be surprised to see them starting at Anfield.

Why did Alonso get the nod over Chilwell? Is something wrong with Ben?

No injury issues with Chilwell have been reported. But he came back to training later than most players so he might be not 100 per cent match fit.

However, Alonso's magnificent performances against Palace and Arsenal could see him claim the left wing-back spot.

Here are two simple stats: Alonso has created 7 chances this season, more than anyone else at Chelsea. He is one of the best creators in the Premier League right now: only Alexander-Arnold and Matt Ritchie have produced more goalscoring opportunities.

So the Alonso selection is more than justified.