Transfer status of every Chelsea player this summer: defenders

Transfer status of every Chelsea player this summer: defenders

The 2021/22 season is over for Chelsea, and Thomas Tuchel is looking forward to the first transfer window with the new club owner.

The squad rebuild will not only imply signing new players but also offloading some members of the current squad.

Here, we take a look at the defenders who remain at Chelsea as it stands. Antonio Rudiger's free transfer to Real Madrid has already been confirmed.

The Dane is all but set to join Barcelona as soon as the Catalans solve the financial issues.

After Christensen's performances in the final part of the season, he's unlikely to be sorely missed by a lot of fans

What Chelsea should do: Let him go

The 22-year-old unexpectedly stepped up into the team in his first full season with the senior Chelsea squad, making 30 appearances.

Chalobah is one of the two centre-backs who are set to continue at Chelsea to provide a shred of continuity.

What Chelsea should do: Keep

The Frenchman is a left-footed centre-back - which is a rather rare commodity - but does not appear to be cut out for the top-level football.

He was signed as a punt on a free transfer but it has not worked out. He is still young for a centre-back and might yet improve if given regular game time, but it won't happen at Chelsea.

What Chelsea should do: Sell or loan

One of the contenders for the club's Player of the Season award, Thiago Silva has committed to Chelsea for one more season.

He's not getting any younger but still provides quality and experience. Tuchel will rely on him in a transitional season for the team's defence.

What Chelsea should do: Keep

The left-back made just seven Premier League appearances last season due to injuries. The performances of those who replaced him showed Chilwell's importance to Tuchel's system.

One of the most important tasks for the pre-season is to make sure Chilwell is ready to play from the first matchday.

What Chelsea should do: Keep

One of the most straightforward decisions. Chelsea's intention is to secure a new long-term deal for James - and it is the right one.

What Chelsea should do: Keep and agree a new contract

The Spaniard is a cult hero for Chelsea, but his best years are behind him. The lack of speed is becoming a more serious issue for the left-back with each season.

Barcelona are interested in him, and there's no reason why Chelsea should hold on to him - especially as he wants to leave and would do so as a free agent next year.

What Chelsea should do: Sell

A one-year option in the Spaniard's contract has been triggered, and Tuchel would love to keep the captain at the club for another season, but he has an attractive offer from Barcelona - despite the fact that they can't register Christensen yet.

Reports suggested that Chelsea would agree to let Azpilicueta go if he chooses to do so - and it would probably be the right decision. Still, not all hope is lost.

What Chelsea should do: Convince him to stay, let go if they can't

The Wales international spent the last three seasons out on loan and would probably appreciate some certainty over his future.

He might even get a look from Tuchel in pre-season thanks to the big changes in defence. However, if he's still not deemed good enough for Chelsea, could it be the time to cash in?

What Chelsea should do: Keep or sell

The left-back returns to London after a loan at Lyon, and getting him back might help Chelsea to avoid spending fortunes on getting a replacement for Alonso.

Tuchel rates Emerson quite highly which is why the Blues attempted to bring him back in January after the extent of Chilwell's injury has become apparent.

What Chelsea should do: Keep

The 19-year-old is one of the success stories in the loan army. In his first year away from Chelsea, he did not look out of place at Huddersfield who were just one game away from getting promoted to the Premier League.

As a left-footed centre-back, he could be a natural replacement for Rudiger if needed and will be looked at in the pre-season. If it's still too early for him, it could be a time for a loan to a top-flight side.

What Chelsea should do: Keep or loan