'Makes zero sense', '100% a stunt': Chelsea fans react to mind-boggling Ronaldo links

'Makes zero sense', '100% a stunt': Chelsea fans react to mind-boggling Ronaldo links

Out of the blue, Chelsea have been linked with none other than Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Athletic's David Ornstein broke the story about the meeting between Todd Boehly and Ronaldo's agent Jorge Mendes. It's said that the idea of Ronaldo making the switch from Man United to Chelsea was 'discussed'.

The story has since been confirmed by The Telegraph and some other news outlets, but it's not clear how much Chelsea are interested in signing the 37-year-old.

Nevertheless, such a story was bound to get the fans talking, and it's safe to say that the opinions vary.


Fawkes_91: "This is what happens when Todd Boehly takes the keys from Marina. Joking aside, not much will come of this."

E_v0rtex: "Grasping at straws but if Ronaldo is willing to take a pay cut (doubt) in exchange for Champions League football then that’s the only way this could happen."

53Ice: "If we get Ronaldo and even he can’t break the striker curse we should play without one"

Grand_Sky_6217: "Tuchel: 'Ah yes, more wingback options'"


Arrizabalager: "Does Ronaldo get in the team over CHO, Havertz and Mount? I don’t think so..."

Simon Phillips: "Todd Boehly is playing real-life Football Manager"

Chels_HQ: "No joke, couple of days ago I thought… Todd Boehly is a mad man, what if he wants Cristiano?"

CFCDaily: "Ronaldo’s name getting leaked was 100% a stunt from the player's side to make Man Utd hurry up and make signings."

The Athletic

Christopher J.: "There is no 'discussion' to be had here. It makes zero sense. Mendes' PR machine in full swing. Next."

Jamie B.: "Why not test the waters, even if it's highly unlikely to happen? It's not like CFC haven't done exactly like this, almost successfully, with Messi in the past. We'd make it back in shirt sales almost immediately, and maybe he'd be that elusive piece of the short-term puzzle for a title-challenging season. Look at what he managed individually with a mediocre team."

Andrew T.: "Mendes has hundreds of clients. Boehly knows that about 97 of them (including for example Felix and Leao) suit Tuchel’s system and the club’s needs more than Ronaldo. Mendes doing his super-agent thing to get Ronaldo some headlines."

Patrick P.: "Too old imo. Ronaldo, wherever he goes, won't sit on the bench. Sure he will still score goals but if we are looking to rebuild then signing a 37-year-old who will need the team built to his strengths does not make sense."

Fan Forums

Orelaja O'cube Oluwafemi, Tribuna.com: "The board can as well bring Ibrahimovic, Buffon, Dani Alves and Alexander Pato, even Ronaldinho to complete the madness"

ZAPHOD2319, Talk Chelsea: "It is never going to happen, but he would look better in blue."

wizardous, The Shed End: "Doesn't seem likely to me but this would've been our best piece of business in years."

Pizy, Talk Chelsea: "He’d probably score a lot of goals but our general play would suffer with his lazy ass up top walking about not pressing. If we had everything else in place except for a killer No.9 I’d say he’s worth a punt. But the rest of the team needs too much work. Like last summer when Tuchel and everyone else assumed Lukaku was the last missing piece. If we signed CR7 instead I think we’d have gotten close to City and Liverpool had everyone remained fit."

Source: Tribuna.com