'Age has nothing on him': Chelsea fans congratulate Thiago Silva on 38th birthday

'Age has nothing on him': Chelsea fans congratulate Thiago Silva on 38th birthday

On Thursday, Thiago Silva turned 38 years old.

The Brazilian centre-back joined Chelsea in 2020 already as a veteran - and no one could've imagined the kind of impact he'd have at Stamford Bridge.

Just over two years later, Silva is still one of the best players in the team, as well as the Champions League winner.

Judging by the reactions on social media, he's also a fan favourite.

Elvis Tunde, Twitter: "Two years to 40 and he's still the best CB in the world. Almost like age has nothing on him. Happy 38th birthday, Thiago Silva."

FogoCanard, Reddit: "I remember him saying a few years ago that his goal was to stay at his level so he could play in the next world cup. Now, the world cup is here. He really might start most games with Marquinhos. He won the Champions League after. What will be the motivation to continue after this? He's done it all."

Mark Worrall, Twitter: "Happy Birthday shout out to Thiago Silva. A terrific footballer whose evident love of Chelsea is a joy to behold."

DifficultyMore5935, Reddit: "Like a fine wine. Shame he is being let down by the others."

Certified Sire Heskey, Twitter: "He walks into any top side starting 11 in the top 5 league without stress even at 38. It's hallmark of a Champion. It's hallmark of a Greatness. Happy birthday Thiago Silva."

ivan_rofl, Reddit: This is my personal apology to Thiago Silva for thinking he was too old to join us. Hope he can forgive me."

Harry, Twitter: "On his 38th birthday, here's a reminder that Thiago Silva is just 11 games off 100 Chelsea appearances. Fantastic achievement considering he joined as a 35-year-old free transfer. Best days weren't behind him, they were still ahead"

Strange_Protection_7, Reddit: "Slickest mf to ever play the position. King."