Man United 4-1 Chelsea: LIVE updates, reactions, stats

Man United 4-1 Chelsea: LIVE updates, reactions, stats

✍️ A brief summary of the game.

The first half resembled a sandwich: Man United goals at the start and the finish and lots of missed chances for Chelsea in between. Mudryk, Havertz and Gallagher could not even find the target.

The finishing was a bit better after the break, but the opportunities were not. Besides, De Gea made a few good saves.

The game was over when Fofana fouled Bruno in the Chelsea penalty area. Bruno converted the penalty, while Rashford added a fourth goal five minutes later.

Chelsea only managed a consolation goal courtesy of Felix's individual effort. Apart from that, this game was very much like the whole season: one to forget for the Chelsea fans.

🏁 FT. Chelsea lose 4-1. Only one more game of this season to endure.

⚽ 89' Chelsea SCORE! Joao Felix with a pretty nice shot, to be fair.

Mark Worrall, Twitter: "Ha ha Felix scores the best goal of the game... You gotta laugh"

matt3633_ , Reddit: "Nah Im sorry but you're stupid if you don't want him here next year. Only good attacker in this side currently and he fucking cares. Surround him with some good players and he'll be truly magic"

⌚ 84' Garnacho hits the bar.

🔄️🔄️🔄️ 82' Ziyech, Loftus-Cheek and Datro Fofana on for Madueke, Chukwuemeka and Gallagher.

TweetChelseaUK, Twitter: "Nice of him to finally give Datro Fofana a go, shame it’s come 4-0 down with 10 minutes to go away at United"

⌚ 81' A bit of fighting talk between Pulisic and De Gea.

⚽ 78' It's 4-0! Rashford scores. Disgusting defending.

Will, Twitter: "Back-to-back 4-0’s at OT for Lamps. Time to call it a day mate"

MrFr0d0, Reddit: "Just a friendly reminder we have invested 600mil in this squad. This is a bigger disaster than Spurs spending Bale money on all the clowns"

⌚ 74' Some skirmish with Enzo involved.

petrescu, Reddit: "Where’s this “fight” on the pitch. This is only boiling over because of hurt pride, nothing to do with the badge."

Garry Hayes, Twitter: "Shows the problem with this Chelsea team… seven United players surround Enzo and who’s there to back him up? A couple of players. They don’t know who they’re playing for still. This isn’t a Chelsea team."

⚽ 73' Penalty to United. Bruno is fouled by Fofana. Fernandes converts. 3-0.

Baisabeast, Reddit: "Got nutmegged and lost his ducking composure. Is there a way we can just play Colwill and Badiashille next season? Can guarantee they’d keep their cool unlike Fofana"

Alex Goldberg, Twitter: "I’ll back Wesley Fofana to the hills but he just got totally done and then committed a clear pen. I hate this season so much."

_Dipp_, We Ain't Got No History: "How many individual errors can a team make? Is there a league record? Have we broken it yet?"

⌚ 68' Some bitter irony from Chelsea fans

🔄️🔄️ 64' Mudryk and Havertz off for Felix and Pulisic.

EzBlues13, We Ain't Got No History: "Mudryk’s showing today is especially damming. He’s touted as someone who is great in a game that has space. Well this game has had loads of space and he’s been largely just invisible."

⌚ 61' End-to-end game, but neither side excel in the attacking penalty area.

TheKingIsBackYo, Reddit: "Let's be honest - United are also ass today. Literally, all that is needed is someone that can score at his xG and this game would be tied"

⌚ 59' De Gea with a double save on Hall and Mudryk.

TweetChelseaUK, Twitter: "At least we’ve found out where the target is this half"

⌚ 52' Eriksen with a ridiculous miss. Massive let-off for Chelsea.

RealB, We Ain't Got No History: "United are just having fun at this point. Embarrassing for us"

nekoizmase17, Reddit: "Our defence is so so bad. Fofana not good as well. As long as we keep overrating players we own, we won't improve."

⌚ 50' Top pass from Hall to release Mudryk, the winger is denied by De Gea.

Baisabeast, Reddit: "Now there’s a fucking decent player. Brave on the ball and has the technical ability too. Want to see him in midfield"

⌚ 47' Bruno hits the bar. So close to 3-0.

Chels HQ, Twitter: "Gallagher having a bit of a 'mare defensively. Enzo not happy with him."

Anthonyrrxd, Reddit: "As bad as Kai and Mudryk have been.. Gallagher has lost the ball and given MU great chances on the counter attack a bunch of times.. to me hes been the worst this game."

⌚ 46' Back underway. No changes from Lampard.

💫 The bright spark.

✍️ First-half summary.

From the first minutes, it became clear that it was going to be one of those days.

Three minutes after the kick-off, Mykhailo Mudryk missed a golden opportunity to open the score. Two minutes later, Casemiro took his chance.

The Blues were arguably the better and certainly the more positive side on the pitch in the remaining time - although they were a bit too open at the back at times, Fortunately, United never capitalised.

Chelsea created plenty of opportunities but forgot where the goal is. Kai Havertz and Conor Gallagher missed their chances to equalise.

In the end, they were punished as United scored deep into the injury time. Anthony Martial scored a tap-in after Jadon Sancho was left alone in the box.

⏸️ HT. Chelsea are somehow two goals down.

⚽ 45+6' Man United double the lead. Martial scores.

highwayman89, We Ain't Got No History: "Shame about that, both because we've generally been pretty good and also because it was Hall, who's otherwise had a terrific game, showing his inexperience allowing Sancho to come inside him."

Cull88, Reddit: "Once again cracking up how easy it is to beat us. We've been good today but once again I feel like the teams we play against really have to put in the absolute bare minimum to beat us. Just sort of flop about until we leave a gaping hole and the team scores. It's fucking hilarious, honestly. United in 1st gear, still easy for them."

⌚ 45' Gallagher misses yet another chance.

Newera2121, Reddit: "Poch could honestly turn us into a very nice team on the eye, young players will buy into his way of playing"

⌚ 38' Mudryk plays a couple of nice one-twos but can't get rid of the ball at the right time in the box. Next attack ends with a poor first touch from him.

Kellzfresh, Reddit: "See Mudryk first touch again... Worse than Lukaku and Bakayoko"

⌚ 33' Bruno Fernandes pretends to be fouled in Chelsea's box. Penalty not given, but neither is a yellow card.

MrDabollBlueSteppers, Reddit: "I'm legitimately getting second-hand embarrassment when I watch Bruno Fernandes throw himself on the ground, have shame mate"

FormerlyChelsea75, We Ain't Got No History: "Should be a card for diving. The contact wasn’t enough to bring any normal person down"

⌚ 32' Back to Chelsea missing sitters. This time, it's Havertz's turn.

Pys, Twitter: "Lewis Hall is cooking man, he’s been robbed of 2 assists in only 30 minutes."

ipodcharger, Reddit: "Havertz is absolutely awful. Missed the pass to Mudryk and now this shameful header?"

🔄️ 28' Antony stretchered off. Rashford on for United.

Specialist-Ad-9104, Reddit: "I genuinely wish him a speedy recovery and I hope it’s not that serious. Winning this game was out of our reach realistically so there’s never a need to root for a player whose first season has been met with difficulty to be injured"

⌚ 24' Antony picks up what looks like a serious injury. Was a clean tackle from Chalobah, though.

FormerlyChelsea75, We Ain't Got No History: "Literally can’t see how Antony got hurt there unless his Achilles popped or something"

⌚ 19' Fofana's last-ditch tackle stops United's 3v1 counter.

MemestNotTeen, Reddit: "How the fuck are united top 4. Really explains how Arsenal got 2nd"

⌚ 15' Enzo delivers a great ball to Madueke, but the first touch fails the winger as the ball goes out of play.

Nizaar Kinsella, Twitter: "Chelsea look quite good in moments going forward but there are also plenty of moments of frustration. Enzo Fernandez just got angry at his teammates for a lack of movement while on the ball, gesturing with his arms in frustration before releasing it."

⌚ 13' Gallagher slips in Man United's penalty area when trying to get a shot away.

⌚ 10' Havertz tries to find Gallagher in front of the goal but the pass is too strong.

Felix, Twitter: "This most annoying part just like City is that we are acc having good moments, we’re just completely incapable of capitalising"

Joao_Felix_III, Reddit: "I really try not to be too reactionary during matches. But I just don't want to see Kai here anymore. It's been too long and he's had too many chances. Just get rid of him ffs"

⌚ 9' Sigh

⚽ 6' Man United score. Casemiro after a free-kick delivery.

Felix, Twitter: "Not even gonna pretend I care, but it’s just inevitable we fuck things up every game at this point it’s so boring"

Bobloblaw28, We Ain't got No History: "Absolutely deserved, we can't miss chances like that at the other end"

⌚ 4' Mudryk scuffs a finish well wide after Hall's cross.

matt3633_, Reddit: "Don’t tell me Mudryk didn’t score that because he hasn’t played football for a few months. Terrible player who is better suited to Arsenal’s level, why did we sign him. Stupid"

London Is Blue Podcast, Twitter: "Lewis Hall deserved an assist for that. What a player."

⌚ 3' First effort from Chukwuemeka goes well over the bar.

⌚ 1' Kick-off!

Futbol Chelsea, Twitter: "I've got a feeling that today will be the day that we finally concede a penalty in the league this season."

🤕 Sterling misses out due to a hamstring issue.

🗣️ Lampard speaking to Sky Sports ahead of the game.

"We're playing for pride. There is opportunity for each individual. The season might be over for Chelsea, in terms of what we can achieve, but there is a reason for every individual in the dressing room to show something."

👉 In case you missed it, here are the starting lineups.

Man Utd: De Gea; Wan-Bissaka, Shaw, Varane, Lindelof; Casemiro, Eriksen, Fernandes; Antony, Sancho, Martial.

Chelsea: Kepa; Azpilicueta, Fofana, Chalobah, Hall; Enzo, Gallagher, Chukwuemeka; Madueke, Havertz, Mudryk.

👋 Hello and welcome to Old Trafford! Today, Chelsea are taking on Manchester United in the Premier League.

The Blues don't need anything from this game, unlike their opponents: Man United need just one point in two games to secure a top-four finish, and they will try to complete the task today.


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