Explained: Who is Dembele's 'Tiktok star' wife and why was the wedding Moroccan-style

Explained: Who is Dembele's 'Tiktok star' wife and why was the wedding Moroccan-style

According to Diario Sport, neither Barcelona nor his teammates knew that Ousmane Dembele even had a girlfriend. So it is not only the fans who were taken by surprise by the 24-year-old entering into marriage.

There are two big questions surrounding the wedding, and here's Tribuna.com's best attempt at answering them.

1. Who is Dembele's wife?

Moroccan outlet "Lucette Info" report that the woman Ousmane has married is TikTok star Rima.

She has over 380,000 followers and 3.3m views on the platform. Rima usually posts videos of herself wearing a hijab and a mask, making it difficult to determine whether she is the one in the wedding photos or not.

However, people in her comments have started asking Rima whether she was Dembele's wife. A few Twitter user have also mentioned that. Although there has been no confirmation as of yet, it's a good indication that the original report might be onto something.

2. Why was the wedding Moroccan-style?

For his wedding, Ousmane wore a traditional Moroccan wedding dress, the music was Moroccan, and the ceremony actually took place in Morocco, Mundo Deportivo claim.

Why so, when the player is actually of Mauritanian-Senegalese descent? This ties well into the previous answer.

Mundo Deportivo, ESPN and other outlets report that the girl Dembele married was Moroccan. Rima, too, is Moroccan. She has Italian citizenship, is said to be residing in France, but is of Moroccan descent.

Be it Rima or not, we can be fairly confident that Dembouz's wife is Moroccan.

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