'Barcelona thought they were harmed by referees': Negreira finally opens up on Blaugrana payments

'Barcelona thought they were harmed by referees': Negreira finally opens up on Blaugrana payments

"Barcelona considered that their team were harmed [by referees] and other teams were favoured. This is a personal hypothesis, nobody has told it to me directly," former vice-president of the referee committee Jose Negreira has told the Spanish Tax Agency inspectors, via Cope.

"My task was to give my personal opinion on matches in terms of refereeing and the players involved. I was giving technical advice. What Barcelona wanted was to make sure that no decisions were made against the club, that everything was neutral," he stated.

"I saw them [Bartomeu and Rosell] at most six times a year. They wanted to make sure that the arbitration committee does not stand against Barca, that everything remains neutral," the 77-year-old also noted.

Well, this is what the club said in their first statement when the whole story broke. Barca insist they were only receiving 'technical reports' on referees and lower-league players.

Barcelona are being accused of favourable treatment from the referees from 2016 to 2018. There is apparently some evidence that the club had been giving money to the former vice-president of the referee committee since 2003.

AuthorKosta KönigSourceCope
if they maintain with these views ,I'm sure we can overturn and win d case....we shall never fall by Gods grace,that I'm sure of....my beloveth club will shine to world again....up barca....visca barca
Digama Football Fan.
reply to comment by barcelonafan1661182015042229354
Not only maintain their words. FIFA suppose to investigate this case seriously, they'll discover all the atrocities committed against Barcelona by Madrid in Spanish Football. That's what led to paying money for the officials to be neutral and treat every club equal during games. They've suffered injustice a lot in the past.
Charles Nkemdirim
tebas and co especially Perez must surely pay us for false accusations and image damage 💰 inshallah 🔥 força barça ❤️💙
Ezechukwu Okoliegbe
Every battle belongs to God Almighty, so I will advise the Mr. President and the board members to keep calm for God to fight the battle by Himself

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