'Long overdue': Barca fans react to Laporta's decision to sack Xavi

'Long overdue': Barca fans react to Laporta's decision to sack Xavi

The bombshell that hit Barcelona this morning is that President Joan Laporta has decided to sack Xavi at the end of the season.

Laporta's kneejerk reaction (if true), follows a press conference Xavi had before Almeria where he bemoaned the poor economic state of the club.

Xavi was due to leave Barca this summer after announcing his exit in January but made a shocking U-turn after claiming he had received backing from the board and players.

Here's what Barca fans think about this new twist.

Tayor (X): "Sacking him for saying the truth about the club is wrong, very wrong."

Victor (X): "Long overdue, should've never talked him into staying/changing his decision. Get Flick w/ Torrent as assistant coach, get back to 1:1, overhaul the squad in the summer - and dominate."

Mayor (X): "Laporta himself needs to sit up Madrid is setting the bar too high we need to be very serious now."

Ogunlade (X): "Am really happy about it"

Chris (X): "Absolutely amazing."

Professor (X): "laporta= bartomeu part 2"

Toheeb (Tribuna): "I love this.😑"

Mbello (Tribuna): "Hehehehe 😂🤣 so funny let's keep watching 👀"

MD Sunusi (Tribuna): "Alhamdulillah am so happy for Barcelona FC sacking coach Xavi is the only option wish them a new successful coach Amen"

Ademike (Tribuna): "Brilliant... well done lads... 😂"