'Man I'm torn': Man City fans react as hotly controversial player makes return

'Man I'm torn': Man City fans react as hotly controversial player makes return

Joao Cancelo has made his first appearance for Manchester City since January as Pep Guardiola's side faced Yokohama Marinos in a friendly.

All the bridges seemed completely burned – but here he is, shining for his team brighter than ever. Does he still have a future with City?

💭 XboxValentine (Reddit): "It only took him 45 minutes to win me back. Must have been one hell of an apology to Pep and the team."

💭 Tiki_taka27 (Reddit): "He must have learnt his lesson during the loan and must be craving to stay at this club for all the privilege he was getting earlier."

💭 SkyBlueSaber (Reddit): "Hopefully seeing us win the treble including smashing his Bayern Munich side has humbled him. He missed out on winning the Champions League. Given we can't get rid of him without cutting off our nose to spite our face, if we can get the pre-october 2022 Cancelo back, then good and what a comeback story it would be.

💭 JDViews-YT (Reddit): "Man I'm torn. I always thought we got rid of him to go full send into the idea of 3 center backs. But now Mahrez and maybe Bernardo leaving. Cancelo is a good wing option who has the defensive ability and good attacking presence as well."

💭 XboxValentine (Reddit): "I'm one of his biggest critics for his manbaby behaviour, but if he's apologised to the right people, and is willing to work for his spot, then I’m happy to have him."

Cancelo was said to have a serious football-related conflict with Pep Guardiola last season, showing his displeasing attitude at times. When Man City played against Bayern Munich in the Champions League, he actually celebrated Erling Haaland missing a penalty kick for his parent club.

Still, it seems like there will be an epic comeback story next season.

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