'I left my car at Zaragoza train station': Jermaine Pennant on how he lost an expensive supercar on a transfer deadline day

'I left my car at Zaragoza train station': Jermaine Pennant on how he lost an expensive supercar on a transfer deadline day

Jermaine Pennant, the former Liverpool and Arsenal winger, once had an unusual experience during a deadline day transfer to Stoke City. In 2010, he was in a hurry to return to England after playing for Real Zaragoza in Spain.

He had to catch a train to Madrid and then a flight to the UK to sign with Stoke City, who were in the Premier League at the time.

However, in his rush to finalize the transfer, he completely forgot about his expensive Porsche Cayenne GT, which was worth £150,000. Pennant shared this amusing story during an interview on the Matt Haycox Show.

"It was August 31, and it had to be completed that day, or the deal was off,” he recalled. “At 5pm, I was still in Spain and the paperwork hadn’t been sent. When we finally spoke and it came through, it was a case of - ‘right, you need to leave now… be in Manchester, before 11pm, otherwise the deal can’t happen’."

"I left my car at Zaragoza train station, and managed to get to Madrid just in time to catch the flight, and landed in Manchester in time to do the deal with Stoke… All cushty!"

"However, the car was obviously still at Zaragoza train station, and I was settling into Stoke, as the first week or so flew by with me having to look for an apartment to rent, and get settled back in the UK."

"Three weeks went by, and the games were coming thick and fast. I didn't have time to go back and sort the car, as there was always the next game to be preparing for. I kept thinking, I’ll go next week, I’ll go when I get a chance. But, it basically ended up being about six months, and my car still hadn’t been sorted."

"I knew it was still there at the train station, but I didn’t have the time to go back and pick it up and I was thinking if I do go back, what am I going to do with it? It was a case of it being such a hassle, and such a long way to go just to move a car to a garage, and it would have taken time that I didn’t have, to get it done."

"I then remembered I’d left the Porsche unlocked the whole time, and left a key in the glovebox!,” he added. “So, I phoned my old translator from my time in Spain, Fernando, and asked him to get the car."

"The parking bill by this point was about 750 Euros, so I sent Fernando the money, and he paid it. He took the car to a garage, and we had to figure out what to do with it."

"It was a left-hand drive and that’s no good over here, and shipping it, and sorting all the paperwork and number plate etc was just a headache! I ended up just leaving it with Fernando in the end! No idea what he did with it!"