'Ronaldo is the problem': Fans react to Portugal beating Luxembourg 9-0 without Cristiano

'Ronaldo is the problem': Fans react to Portugal beating Luxembourg 9-0 without Cristiano

Cristiano Ronaldo missed Portugal's game against Luxembourg because of the suspension. He received a yellow card in the match against Slovakia and seemed clearly disappointed. Perhaps the reason was not the yellow card itself but the fact that Ronaldo would miss the game against Luxembourg.

Luxembourg has to be Ronaldo's favourite team to play with, as he scored the most goals in the international matches against them. However, Portugal played well without their captain, and even broke the record scoring 9 goals.

Fans were quick to react, a lot of them even said that Portugal were better without Cristiano.

AngelaCastillox (Twitter): "Ronaldo is the problem."

Ajani Olushola Adekunle: "This is not about hate.Portugal plays better without Ronaldo. We didn't watch the back of the TV."

Rob: "This particular country represents almost 10% of Ronaldo's goals with Portugal and they had a bigger win without him + they do play better without him."

Demigod LFC: "He held this super team back, Goncalo is already eclipsing his career let’s gooo."

theEvergreen: "He needs to sit back and stop drawing Portugal back. Give the youngsters a chance in the team now. They perform better without him."

Jira Chifalu: "Considering it’s their highest win ever. Looks like Ronaldo has been holding them back."

WantAKebab: "I’ve come to realise that there will always be 2 sides. You either love him or hate him. No in-between. He’ll never get the respect he truly deserves as one of the greatest to ever grace the field."

AuthorAndrii SokolovskyiSourceTwitter