'He does the hardest thing': Fulham star rejects Roy Keane's 'League Two player' comments about Haaland

'He does the hardest thing': Fulham star rejects Roy Keane's 'League Two player' comments about Haaland

In a recent episode of The Footballer’s Football Podcast, Fulham player Tom Cairney talked about facing Erling Haaland in matches. He also shared his thoughts on Roy Keane comparing the Norwegian to a League Two player after the Man City v Arsenal 0-0 draw.

Tom said: "What did I make of it? Well, I think calling him a League Two player is extremely harsh."

"Is his football brain his best asset? No, but you don’t buy Erling Haaland for that. Do you want him to come down in the 10 turn and switch a 30, 40-yard pass like Harry Kane? No, he’s a straight killer."

"I think just let him do what he does. He’s got nearly 250 goals, he’s 23 years old. He does the hardest thing in the world and sticks the ball in the back of the net."

"He was nullified at the weekend by probably a great tactical performance from Arsenal, and he probably didn’t get great service because of that. He doesn’t touch the ball enough in a game to have people be like, ‘Oh wow, what a footballer,’ but he does the hardest thing"

"And when you play against him, you’re constantly thinking of him or scared of him, he’s just a machine, but calling his general play in League Two I think is a little bit harsh."

Haaland is one of the best if we talk about stats that have the word 'goal' in it. Better than 99% of the PL players in almost any stat.

He is also the best goal-scorer in the Premier League right now.

What the fans say

FuckingMyselfDaily: "Haaland criticism has been quite lazy lately."

milkonyourmustache: "Criticisms of Haaland are just football nerds overthinking. He's a natural goal scorer, freak athlete, and has instincts you can't teach."

brush85: Tom Cairney knows common sense

Ferdinandingo: It's not like he's got bad football intelligence. his positioning is one of his strongest assets, hence all the goals.

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