22 games, 21 goals: Norway finds 'new Haaland'

22 games, 21 goals: Norway finds 'new Haaland'

Norwegian football is witnessing a remarkable rise in talent, thanks in large part to the trailblazing success of Erling Haaland and his companion Martin Odegaard.

From humble beginnings in Bryne, Haaland has quickly ascended to become one of the world's best strikers, setting new standards and revitalizing the sport in Norway.

Now, a new generation of promising players is emerging, such as the 20-year-old Oscar Bobb from Manchester City and 18-year-old Antonio Nusa from Bruges. Among them is Sindre Walle Egeli, a 17-year-old sensation hailed as one of Norway's future stars.

Standing at 1m82, Egeli is a versatile left-footed right winger with a knack for scoring goals and creating opportunities across the attacking front.

After moving from Sandefjord to Nordsjaelland in 2022 he quickly asserted himself on the pitch. In the U19 Boys League, Egeli has already scored 21 goals and made 5 assists in 22 matches.

Egeli's coach Johannes Hoff Thorup said: "He’s a winger who is really good at finishing plays. That’s definitely his strength. He has a very, very good left foot, and he is a very good finisher."

"It can end in different ways. Basically, he scores goals every time he plays. He is therefore a bit of an inside winger who must return to the area to finish with his left foot. This is definitely his strength."

You can clearly see similarities between Haaland and Egeli: both left-footed strikers and phenomenally good at finishing. They even look almost the same!

Can it be 'Project Haaland' for a Norway national team? Possibly. It seems like this nation has started to develop its unique attacking players and we will see how Haaland can lead them on the national arena.