Famous Azerbaijan writer likens Klopp to Nazi ideologists for Europa League comments

Famous Azerbaijan writer likens Klopp to Nazi ideologists for Europa League comments

Azerbaijan writer Chinghiz Abdullaev got furious with Jurgen Klopp's remarks in regard to the Europa League final. Liverpool boss called the decision to play it in Baku 'irresponsible'.

Reacting to that, the writer literally likened Jurgen Klopp to Nazi leaders who were holding 'Aryans' as the only race deserving to leave and prosper while the others were to either die or live as slaves.

Chinghiz Abdullaev

"I just want to remind the German Klopp that the ideology of National Socialism was based on dividing people into Aryans and second-class who had to be destroyed," Mr Abdullaev said as quoted by reputable journalist Artur Petrosyan.

"All the Slavs, Jews, Gypsies... Klopp's comments smell of a very strong disregard for another country and another nation."

It looks like someone has gone too far. First and foremost, Klopp didn't say a single word of disregard, disrespect or humiliation referring to Azerbaijan and its people.

"I think going to Baku, that’s really funny for a European final," Klopp told his press conference before the Wolves game. "These guys who make the decisions I don’t know what they have for breakfast really. How can you do it? Last year we go to Kiev which is a wonderful city but that a Russian team, or one from that part of the world, will be involved is not really likely.

"You go there and now Madrid has to prepare for 200,000 English fans. Baku I have no clue how to get there or if there is any regular flight at all. In these decisions, people must be much more sensible and reasonable. It is irresponsible."

Second, our manager is known as a constant and consistent enemy of racism. And racism was a major and vital part of Nazi ideology. So the accusations are as absurd as they are insulting.