Ryan Babel recalls his LFC days: 'I felt like a ghost'

Ryan Babel recalls his LFC days: 'I felt like a ghost'
  • The ex-Reds winger regrets he didn't have a manager to have an arm around him to support at Liverpool.
  • He adds he had a tough period but he also learned a lot from the likes of Gerrard, Xabi Alonso and Fernando Torres.
  • Ryan has a soft spot in his heart for his former club but he's determined to prove on Sunday people were wrong about him.

“Nobody spoke to me,” The Fulham winger said to Times. “I felt like a ghost, they walked through me like I didn’t exist, it was very tough.”

Despite a difficult spell at Liverpool the Dutchman does not regret his time at Anfield. 

“I learned a lot from the likes of Steven Gerrard and we had a lot of mature guys, like Sami Hyypia, Xabi Alonso, Fernando Torres. I learned it’s easier to play against a top side. As a winger against a lesser side you have less space so how, as a winger, are you going to make a good game if constantly against three men?”

“I do have a weakness for Liverpool and I do want them to be champions. I left Liverpool through the back door. It’s a prestige thing to prove people wrong.

“I was loved in Liverpool, I had good relationship with the fans and my team-mates but I felt I could do better. At the same time I was 21, 22, 23 — not every player has maturity and I needed the guidance I had at Ajax. What can you do if you’re not playing, what can you do differently?”

Source: Times