Coutinho 'pleads' Klopp for Anfield reunion: 6 PROs and 4 CONs of prodigal son return

Coutinho 'pleads' Klopp for Anfield reunion: 6 PROs and 4 CONs of prodigal son return

Steve Nicol and Peter Crouch have urged Liverpool to re-sign Coutinho, and the player has reportedly pleaded with Klopp to let him come back. takes a look at the pros and the cons of a Coutinho reunion at Anfield.

According to a recent report, the midfielder has pleaded with Jurgen Klopp to let him return to Anfield. In this article, we analyse both sides of a potential Coutinho return to see if bringing back the "little magician" would be a good idea.


A creative outlet: Although Naby Keita can play a major role for the team next season, having someone like Coutinho will not hurt the Reds at all. Despite his subpar stint at Bayern Munich, the midfielder averages over 1.5 key passes per game and has 6 assists this season in the Bundesliga.

Moreover, completed 84% of his passes this season and is pretty adept at playing the occasional long ball, averaging 2 accurate long passes a game.

A goalscoring threat from midfield: During his time at Anfield, the Brazilian international scored 54 goals in 201 appearances - 20 of these goals came in his last 41 league appearances for Liverpool.

At Barcelona, the player has been deployed out of position and therefore his output has been minimized. At Bayern Munich, he has scored 8 goals in just 22 games in a more advanced central role and has won a few man of the matches award for his displays too.

Liverpool could definitely use Coutinho's ability to score from outside the box or his intelligence in the final third which he uses to create space for the forwards.

He can be a brilliant bench option: We understand that a player of Coutinho's calibre (and his price tag) is not made for the bench. However, it has been reported that the midfielder is desperate to revive his career at Anfield.

If that is true, then Coutinho will not mind coming off the bench for a while and let's be honest - as a squad player, there are not many better options to have than the midfielder who can change the game on his own on a good day.

Klopp can bring back the best in him: If there's anyone who can revive Coutinho's career, that's Jurgen Klopp.

In 2016/17 and for the first half of 2017/18, the little magician was the best player at Liverpool and arguably one of the best midfielders in the world. Sure, his form has dipped since he left Anfield but what's to say that Klopp can't change that?

The manager has said on several occasions how fond he was of Coutinho, and we're sure that given the proper time, Kloppo can bring the old version of the Brazilian back.

He will be motivated to prove himself: From being one of the best midfielders in the world, Coutinho has become an afterthought in the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich.

Such a career drop no doubt demoralised the player, and at the age of 28, the next season could be the do-or-die campaign for Coutinho. As such, he will be really motivated to get his career back on track and what better way to do it than at Liverpool, where he became a world-beater in the first place?

He knows the club inside out: Sure, Liverpool has changed a lot since January 2018 - the Reds have reached back-to-back Champions League finals and are on the cusp of their first Premier League title.

However, the manager and the core of the team (barring Van Dijk and Alisson) is the same since Coutinho left. He knows the system, he knows the squad; he can be a success at Anfield once again now that he knows the grass is not always greener on the other side.


His transfer price and wages: Mundo Deportivo believe Barca are asking for £70-80 million for the midfielder. Meanwhile, France Football have earlier reported that Coutinho's current market price is £63 million, which is less than half of what Barca paid to Liverpool to sign the midfielder back in 2018.

Regardless of which of these reports you believe, the bottom line is that Barcelona are looking for at least £60 million-plus for the midfielder - this would be more than the release clause of Timo Werner, which the Reds reportedly could not pay.

Moreover, Coutinho's reported wages (as per Marca) are £240,000 per week, which comes out to £12.4 million a year. This is a salary that the Reds will simply not pay, as their highest earners Van Dijk and Mohamed Salah earn less than this right now.

Disrupting team chemistry: Since Coutinho left, the Reds have dominated England and Europe and their midfield trio of Jordan Henderson, Fabinho, and Georginio Wijnaldum is integral to the way the Reds play.

Coutinho is a very different player as compared to these three. As aforementioned, he need not start right away, but his style of football will mean that Klopp will have to tinker with the formation and tactics a bit in order to fit the midfielder.

This could possibly upset the team balance and is, therefore, a risk that needs to be considered.

He's not getting any younger: Coutinho turned 28 two days ago and although he is desperate to revive his career, this argument goes both ways - the player is not getting any younger and we can't know for sure how many great seasons he has ahead of him.

In comparison, chances could be given to 19-year-old Curtis Jones or even someone like Marko Grujic, who is 24 years old and has enjoyed a great season in the Bundesliga.

It feels morally wrong: Coutinho said previously: "I'm happy for Liverpool, but I took another path and I don't look back." His stance on the matter may have changed, but the fact remains that he did disrespect Liverpool a little during the whole transfer saga by forcing a move to Barcelona.

To bring someone back who wanted out so desperately does not sit right - if that's the case, why not bring Raheem Sterling back if his career ever goes sideways?

All in all, bringing Coutinho back can be either a boost for the Reds or an unnecessary burden.

Which way are you leaning, Reds - should we bring the player back? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or use our blogging platform to voice your opinion!