53 years old today, memories worth 1000 years - 7 things we love about Jurgen Klopp

53 years old today, memories worth 1000 years - 7 things we love about Jurgen Klopp

He's spent only 5 seasons at Anfield, but he has transformed Liverpool into the best team in the world. To celebrate Klopp's birthday, Tribuna.com lists 7 things that we adore about the club's manager.

His oratory skills: Is there any better orator in the footballing world today than Liverpool's manager? There is a reason the media love him so much - the eloquence of his words and the meaning behind them is immense.

Just recently, the manager gave a heartfelt speech for the fans in which he said: "It's still football and it's still for you. So that means we will be in the stadium and you will be at home. I can promise you, we will feel your support. I will make the boys feel your support.

"We will use it, you are still 80-90% of the petrol in our tanks. So we really will use that and we will need that."

Only Klopp can make the fans feel so much with so few words, and we respect that quality of his.

His never-say-die attitude: Before the Reds defeated Barcelona 4-0 at Anfield in one of the greatest Champions League comebacks of all time, he said: "As long as we have 11 players on the pitch we will try for 90 minutes to celebrate the Champions League campaign to give it a proper finish. That’s the plan. If we can do it, wonderful. If we can’t do it, let’s fail in the most beautiful way."

When you have a manager like that in the dressing room, his mere presence is likely to motivate you to go to war with him. The comeback against Dortmund, the back-to-back Champions League final, the domestic dominance this season despite missing out on the title by one point last season, the list goes on.

Klopp has tasted defeat on multiple occasions, but he has never stopped working and he has never given up - there's something to be learnt here.

His bond with the players: Rafa Benitez may have led Liverpool to the Champions League in 2005, but not a single player would ever tell you that he was like a father to them.

Not that you need to have a close bond with your players in order to win, but it definitely helps. Sadio Mane once said: "We all love him like a father and we fear him like one too. He takes up a lot of space in my life, and not just in football. He’s great as a person. I trust him blindly, like most of the dressing room, I think."

Other superstars such as Robert Lewandowski have also called Klopp a father-figure - the manager's man-management skills are second to none.

His charisma: There are some people in the world whom you notice as soon as they enter the room. They have this larger-than-life aura, it's as if the air around them sparkles with electricity when they approach you.

Klopp is one of those humans. Google defines charismatic as "exercising a compelling charm which inspires devotion in others" - if that does not remind you of Klopp, we don't know what to say!

The German's charisma and charm are one of the main reasons why he has been so loved and successful at every club he has managed - Mainz, Dortmund, and now Liverpool. You can teach tactics, but you can't teach anyone how to have a magnetic personality.

His tactical prowess: Of course, Klopp is not just a smiling man whose players follow him because they love him. They do love him, but they also follow him because they know he's a winner who can lead them to glory.

Bringing on Gini Wijnaldum against Barcelona, masterminding the Gegenpressing system which many clubs are adopting now, scouting the likes of Virgil van Dijk and Mohamed Salah - Klopp's tactical acumen and his understanding of football cannot be underestimated.

You simply do not end Bayern Munich's Bundesliga hegemony or sit 25 points ahead of Pep Guardiola's expensive squad without being a genius of the craft!

He's transformed Liverpool: How do we not love Klopp for everything that he has done for the Reds?

When he arrived at Anfield in 2015, the club was in shambles and was fighting for a top 4 spot. 5 seasons later, we are the defending champions of Europe and stand 6 points way from our first league title in 30 years.

Steven Gerrard recently said: "When Jurgen delivers the league they should already be starting work on a statue of him." We can't help but agree!

The best part is that Klopp is far from done yet - he has 4 more years left on his current contract and we hope that he extends and stays for at least another decade.

His smile and his hugs: You can't have a list of things that are great about Klopp and not mention his smile or his hugs!

The manager's wide, cheeky grin and his special hugs are world-famous. No Liverpool game can be complete without the German smiling on the sideline or giving the players a massive hug after the match.

What quality of Klopp do you adore the most, Reds? Let us know in the comments or use our blogging platform to make a post honouring Klopp!

Source: Tribuna.com