'A real talent who commands a place in the team': Blackburn fans react to Elliott's superb performances

'A real talent who commands a place in the team': Blackburn fans react to Elliott's superb performances

The 17-year-old is enjoying a fantastic start to life out on loan and Blackburn fans are in love with how good he is.

Mercer (brfcs.com): "Elliott who is a mere 17 - now that is a lad with REAL talent and potential who COMMANDS a place in our team."

Philipl: "Elliott has both the ability and nous to be cute. Watch him, he doesn't have that much body to body contact with the opposition because of his speed of thought, anticipation and breathtaking ability on the ball plus range of passing and intelligent running off the ball.

"An unbelievable talent who will go on to be among the top half dozen player in this country and perhaps become a globally important player."

khmerblue: "My lad tells me he is going to be a star. Not seen every game on TV he has Played but I have seen the majority.For Liverpool to loan him to us,is a major coup.

"The Nature of the of championship this season is 2 games a week,Sat Tues etc. Im sure it must be to much For a 17yr old,a s we have seen with Dolan.He is taking dead ball kicks which suprises me. His pass for Armstrong first goal was sublime and he has immense talent."

47er: "That through ball from Elliott for the second goal was sublime--Duggiesque for those old enough to remember. There is no higher praise than that!"

Tom: "The little clipped balls fromElliott are a delight!"

The Mighty Chaffinch: "I thought Elliott was fantastic today, perhaps in an understated way for most of the match but everything he did seemed classy. He controls the ball at pace, uses the ball well, threads worldy passes and is a real hub for the team."

JPTSwindon: "Hard to believe Elliott is only 17, looks like he is loving his time at Rovers."

Drog: "The quality is there but he needs to realise that he has defensive responsibilities too."

Elliott has been superb for the Championship side this season and we hope to see him improve even more and come back to Liverpool a star!

Source: Tribuna.com

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