'He just brings a bit of everything': Blackburn boss amazed at Harvey Elliott's quality

'He just brings a bit of everything': Blackburn boss amazed at Harvey Elliott's quality
  • The 17-year-old has so far impressed on his loan from Liverpool tp the Championship side.
  • Tony Mowbray is still impressed by how good the forward is at his age.
  • The coach is confident that Harvey is going to develop into a better player at Blackburn.

"Harvey Elliott just brings a bit of everything," Blackburn boss Tony Mowbray told The Athletic. "Decision making, weight of pass, when to keep it, when to play forward. Some of the deliveries from set pieces are just begging to be headed or put into the net. You can see the quality of the kid. It’s amazing to think he is so young. We are delighted we have him. He’s a really refreshing and nice lad to work with.

"He asks questions, he hears me shouting at him today to get on the front foot, cut the passing line off, run the centre-half down and he’s worried about the guy behind him — and I am saying don’t be worrying about the guy behind him, because if you run him down and he pops it inside, it will be the midfielder I’ll be shouting at because he’s not doing his job. He understands football and we are delighted that he’s here.

"We know he’s a Liverpool player and I’m sure he’s going to enjoy his time with our club and develop as a footballer. We send players down the leagues to get experience of playing men’s football, of listening to different managers, to feel what it means to the rest of the team to play well and win a game.

"I’m sure he sits there sometimes and thinks this is a million miles away from Liverpool because they never give the ball away, they know when to play forward, their strikers make much better runs but he’s a really humble lad — that was my first opinion of him. He’s come in, joined in and he is hoping he can help our team win some football matches."

In what is effectively his first full season in professional football, Harvey Elliott has already registered 1 goal and 3 assists in 6 games for Blackburn Rovers - and their fans are in full agreement with the manager about the 17-year-old's talent.

Even though Liverpool did not initially plan to loan Harvey out, it only appears to be useful for him - we can only hope he'll be a player ready for the Premier League action when he returns.

Source: The Athletic

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