Michael Owen, Curtis Jones, and 9 more players who scored for Liverpool in Premier League before turning 20

Michael Owen, Curtis Jones, and 9 more players who scored for Liverpool in Premier League before turning 20

Fowler, Owen, and Gerrard are also currently Liverpool's highest scoring players in the competition.

Liverpool have produced a few very young goalscorer in the Premier League - some have ended their careers as legends at the club while others are on their way:

1. Michael Owen - 17 years, 04 months, 22 days

  • The only player at Liverpool to have ever won the Ballon d'Or, Owen had a sensationally quick start to his Liverpool career, scoring 39 goals by the age of 20.
  • His first in the league, however, came in a 2-1 loss to Wimbledon in May 1997.

2. Raheem Sterling - 17 years, 10 months, 12 days

  • Another player who broke through very early, Sterling added a bright spark to a sluggish Liverpool attack during Brendan Rodgers' first season.
  • The winger's first goal helped the Reds beat Reading 1-0 in October 2012.

3. Robbie Fowler - 18 years, 06 months, 7 days

  • Nicknamed 'God' by Liverpool fans, Fowler's finishing ability was beyond world-class as the striker finished with 183 goals in 369 games in all competitions for the Reds.
  • The first of these was scored in October 1993, in a 2-1 win over Oldham Athletic.

4. Jamie Carragher - 18 years 11 months 21 days

  • Known more for his defending, Carragher's first-ever goal came in his first start in the league for the Reds - in a 3-0 win over Aston Villa.
  • Incredibly, Carra only scored 2 more goals during the rest of his 508 appearances for Liverpool in the league.

5. Florent Sinama-Pongolle - 19 years, 5 days

  • Sinama-Pongolle scored the first of his 4 league goals against Leeds in a 3-1 win.
  • The Frenchman never lived up to expectations but his greatest contribution was in the win over Olympiacos on our way to a 5th Champions League crown in 2005.

6. Jamie Redknapp - 19 years, 02 months, 11 days

  • Redknapp was always a very talented midfielder when available and his first league goal came in a 2-1 win over Chelsea in 1992.
  • The midfielder ended his time at Liverpool with 308 appearances, scoring 42 times.

7. Trent Alexander-Arnold - 19 years, 02 months, 19 days

  • A generational talent who's already a world-class player at the age of 22, Trent scored his first in a 5-0 romp against Swansea in late 2017.
  • The youngster has since helped the Reds lift the Champions League and Premier League trophies.

8. Curtis Jones - 19 years 05 months 5 days

  • The most recent entry on the pitch, Jones opened his Liverpool league account in a straightforward 2-0 win over Villa back in July 2020.
  • Jones is the next Liverpool youngster in line to become a world-class midfield player.

9. Steven Gerrard - 19 years 06 months 5 days

  • One of the greatest players the club has ever produced, Gerrard got going in the Premier League with a strike against Sheffield Wednesday in a 4-1 win.
  • By the time Gerrard left, he was Liverpool's highest-scoring midfielder in the Premier League with 120 goals.

10. Dominic Matteo - 19 years 06 months 9 days

  • After being signed by Kenny Dalglish when he was just a kid, Matteo had a solid career at Liverpool spanning 155 appearances on the left side in defence and attack.
  • The Scotsman opened his Reds account in a 2-0 win over West Ham in 1993.

11. David N'Gog - 19 years 10 months 30 days

  • One of the few other players on the list to not quite make the grade at Liverpool, N'Gog did have his moments of glory.
  • N'gog's first came against Sunderland in a 2-0 win but his greatest goal was in a late 2-1 win over rivals Man United in 2009.
Source: Tribuna.com

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