Henderson: 'I always remember defeats more than wins'

Henderson: 'I always remember defeats more than wins'

Speaking with the Evening Standard, Jordan Henderson has opened up on what motivates him, as well as England and Liverpool.

“I’d say the togetherness of this group is the closest it’s been. I thought Russia [2018 World Cup] was close at the time but we’ve been through things together in Russia, been through the Euros, experiences like that do make you stronger,” the Reds captain told the Evening Standard about the England squad.

"For me personally I feel the defeats always stay. I can always remember the defeats more than the wins. The defeats hurt the most. They are the ones that stick with us, me personally, a lot.

“That’s the part where you want to change things and put them right but you never get rid of that feeling. That’s happened at Liverpool and also England now, that deny is always with us now.”

Henderson has experienced a fair share of defeats both with Liverpool and England. The last-season's Champions League final probably stands out the most for the Reds' faithful, while England fans may recall the Euro 2020 final defeat.

SourceEvening Standard