FT. Man City 4-1 Liverpool: LIVE blog, stats, reactions, ratings, etc.

FT. Man City 4-1 Liverpool: LIVE blog, stats, reactions, ratings, etc.

✍️ Liverpool had quite a tough start to the Man City game, struggling to keep possession and conceding a few dangerous attacks. City looked formidable at that point, but things changed around the 15th minute when the Reds pressed the opposition more intensely and forced them to refrain from their favourite style a bit. Both teams started to have more wide space – and it was Liverpool who took advantage of that with the early opener.

That didn't fix the Reds' defensive problems, though. City remained dangerous and found the logical equaliser a few minutes later. Overall, they looked way more dangerous than Jurgen Klopp's side despite rare episodes when the encounter seemed more or less equal.

Pep Guardiola's side were almost clinical after the break, converting 2 of the 3 chances they had early in the second half. Liverpool's defence looked even worse than in the first 45 minutes. City went on to get one more afterwards as the Reds got completely battered at the back.

👎 Full time. Man City 4-1 Liverpool.

🔄 82' Milner replaces Gakpo.

⚽️ 74' 4-1, Grealish gets his goal. Trent doesn't care at all, that's ridiculous.

PricelessPhenylamine (Reddit): "Trent can have puff piece PR s**t put out about how he worked hard over the break, but that was a fu**ing joke watching Grealish just run off the back of him with ZERO effort to get back and defend against him."

Felix (Twitter): "Just criminal defending from Trent that. Doesn’t even bother tracking Grealish's run, leaving him completely free in the box."

🔄 69' Oh, here they are, finally. Darwin, Tsimikas, Ox and Firmino come on. Robbo (he was so poor today), Jota, Salah, Elliott, Salah all off.

🤔 67' Surprised there are still no changes for Klopp's side. Why does it take so long in such matches?

👏 59' Alisson with a superb save to deny Grealish.

mason (Twitter): "Feels like I say this every game, but we really don’t deserve Alisson."

⚽️ 53' Goal. Gundogan with the third.

SSAZEN (Reddit): "I’m gonna go ahead and turn this disaster off now. These guys should be ashamed of themselves."

xrunawaywolf (Reddit): "I expected to get battered, but still hurts."

Bamfandro (Reddit): "This is our level this season. Couldn’t believe the confidence of our fans going into this game just because we’ve done okay against the big 6. We are just so average."

EiF (Twitter): "City are controlling the midfield, working it into good positions easily, and seem to be handling them defensively. Liverpool’s midfield just can’t keep up. Same story as all season basically."

🚨 52' Gundogan with another great chance after Grealish beats Trent on the wing once again. Saved by Alisson.

⚽️ 46' Goal. De Bruyne hits City's second. Too easy for them.

GirthEE75 (Reddit): "Robbo dribbling himself deeper into trouble."

Timmah80 (Reddit): "Trent in the right striker/wing position when they countered!?!! Our CBs step across to cover for him... MASSIVE gap through the middle for KDB!!"

ad1075 (Reddit): "Trent pushing 25 yards out of position to press rather than doing his defensive job is exactly why he deserves criticism."

🔥 SECOND HALF! No changes for Liverpool.

📊 Half-time ratings

Jota 8. Really decisive in some episodes. Good control, great off-the-ball work too.

Salah 7.5. Scored one, was close to finding the net before. Perhaps being way too generous in some moments – today it's his selfishness we need.

Elliott 7. Didn't cover for Trent when needed, yet still doing a great job, especially on the ball.

Robertson 3. Poor at any game aspect today.

Others: Van Dijk 7, Alisson 7, Fabinho 6.5, Gakpo 6.5, Konate 6, Trent 5.5, Henderson 5.

⏱ Half time. Man City 1-1 Liverpool.

😐 39. Oh gosh. Trent avoids any kind of punishment for what seemed a really harsh tackle on Grealish from behind..

TTPolice (Reddit): "Dumb from Trent but can’t blame him."

🤦‍♂️ 35' Should've been a second yellow for Rodri, no? That foul on Gakpo deserved it.

⚽️ 28' This is what happens when you don't take more chances. 1-1, easy equaliser from Alvarez. Trent with some awkward positioning again.

Guggsey (Twitter): "Trent hasn’t got a clue where he’s supposed to be there."

Squiggles87 (Reddit): "Both Konate and VVD stepped out, didn't get the ball and left us exposed in the centre. It's been coming tbf."

_JakeeeLFC_ (Twitter): "Salah's goal was just an April Fools joke we're actually still just sh**e."

🚨 26' Crazy how Salah broke away after a glorious one-touch pass from Elliott but failed to find Jota in a 2-2 attack... Grealish with a crucial interception.

🚨 22' City almost equalise through Mahrez who is left all alone in the box. Sloppy defending from LFC in these last few minutes again.

📒 19' Salah booked for being too emotional after a foul on Ake.


Brilliant long ball from Trent who finds Jota! The Portuguese runs into the box and leaves the ball for his teammate while being pressed. Clever stuff from LFC!

AnfieldRd96 (Twitter): "That was all Trent. Sensational pass."

Saiiken (Reddit): "Looked like Jota was going to get that all wrong but that was honestly super composed."

🚨 15' Salah beats two City defenders in the box but has his dangerous shot blocked!

🚨 14' Mahrez almost scores from a free kick! The Algerian brilliantly curled the ball, and there was no chance for Alisson to save that one.

🚨 11' Rodri takes a shot from a dangerous position outside the box. Saved by Alisson.

🚨 9' City with a good chance as KDB finds Gundogan with a lofted ball into the box. Konate and Trent apparently didn't spot the German running in behind them.

Tuckernozz (Reddit): "When their [City's] defenders get the ball, they have so many options in the midfield for the pass. With us there's barely anything."

😬 7' Fab close to picking up an early yellow after committing 3 fouls already.

WomboCongoBongo (Reddit): "Cannot express how much I dislike Grealish. Flops on the floors with a slight breeze."

Watch LFC (Twitter): "Two silly niggly fouls already. Needs to be careful."

👍 3' Nice from Gakpo to confidently carry the ball forward while having several City players on his back. Smartly finds Robbo on the left side, but his cross leads to nothing special.

grrrrbow1 (Reddit): "Brilliant drive from Gakpo."

jbond96 (Reddit): "Gakpo's ability to just run with someone on his back is unreal."


📊 Mohamed Salah has scored as many goals against both Manchester clubs this season (6) as City and United have scored against Liverpool.

💭 maneplussalah (Reddit): "Salah loves a Manchester club, cmon Mo."

👉 The lineup: Alisson; Trent, Konate, Van Dijk, Robertson; Henderson, Fabinho, Elliott; Salah, Jota, Gakpo.

👋 Hello and welcome to the live coverage of today's huge Premier League action as Liverpool take on Manchester City at the Etihad! What are your predictions this time?

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