'He's Dutch so I spoke to him': Cody Gakpo on nearly joining Man United

'He's Dutch so I spoke to him': Cody Gakpo on nearly joining Man United

Cody Gakpo has opened up on his failed move to Man United before joining Liverpool.

The forward revealed that he was in touch with the club and spoke to the manager, Erik ten Hag.

“It was the summer before. I was in contact with the club and the manager – he’s Dutch so I spoke to him as well,” Gakpo recalled.

“At the end of the day it fell through, that’s it, and in the winter Liverpool came. It was the best decision for me.”

“When the season started we did well at the beginning, and we already felt this could be a special one,” the Netherlands international added on this campaign.

“Newcastle away, we got a red card and still managed to win the game.

“In moments like that, you get the mentality building in the group that something special could happen.

“So we said to each other ‘don’t look ahead, keep focused, keep working really hard and do what we always do’.

“We knew it was going to get tough, we’re going to have some obstacles – we have them now with the injuries – but we always try to stick together and keep moving forward.

“It seems really special from the outside, I can imagine. From the inside, with the youngsters coming through, it is… but we’re really focused and not looking at it like that.”

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