'F**k you': Liverpool fan slams Carragher for Gakpo comment – Jamie reacts

'F**k you': Liverpool fan slams Carragher for Gakpo comment – Jamie reacts

Following Cody Gakpo's solid outing against Sheffield United, Liverpool fan Barry was quick to recall Jamie Carragher's comment on the Dutchman dated March 17.

"Gakpo plays like the game is in slow motion," Carra tweeted as the Reds were facing Man United in the FA Cup.

"F**k Carra for this, btw. Yeah, he wasn't saying anything that fans weren't, but the difference is his opinion gets back to the players. Salah bigged up Gakpo pre-match and Mac did the same post-match. Could see it weighing heavily on him during his celebration too. So unnecessary," Barry wrote, citing Carragher's tweet.

Then this conversation took place.

💭 Carragher: "Pundit gives an opinion on a player that most people agree with 🤷‍♂️ It wasn’t even that bad, he does need to be quicker in possession but has done great in terms of goals. In future I won't speak about any LFC player in case it gets back to them!! F**k you Barry 😂"

💭 Barry: "Club legend loses his head after a horrible loss and tweets something out that he is more than aware will incite abuse towards a specific player is how I'd have framed it. Thankfully, Twitter wasn't around for Alan Hansen to tweet his thoughts after that game vs United in 99/00!"

💭 Carragher: "I’m sure my tweet was while the game was still going on & I was making a valid point, not reacting after a defeat! Your tweets about me are much more abusive than mine to Gakpo, how do you think that makes me feel the next time I do a show 😂😂"

💭 Barry: "I am sorry that the tweet got back to you, I sometimes underestimate the influence of brand barry. Hopefully Neville does what Gakpo's teammates felt necessary to do and comes out to publicly support you 🙏"

💭 Carragher: "I don't need that, I'll take the criticism on the chin & prove you & my other critics wrong!"

💭 Barry: "I just wish I could believe that 😔"

While people like Jamie Carragher should indeed be cautious with criticism as their public influence is big enough, we believe there was clearly some over-reaction from Barry here as that Carra comment was about constructive criticism – and about one particular game in the past.

Thoughts on this, Reds?

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