Football Clubs that Protect Gamblers

Football Clubs that Protect Gamblers

Needless to say, the popularity of football makes it quite effective with guaranteed reach. This awareness program is also directed towards safeguarding the members of football clubs including the players. The football clubs of the UK are coming forward and collaborating with GamStop to stand against gambling addiction. 

Powered by the UK government, GamStop is one such governing body working independently as a self-exclusion scheme. It saves punters from facing major losses by limiting their access to the gambling sites registered under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. People sharing a problematic relationship with gambling are benefited from this scheme. 

GamStop Supporters 

The gambling protection organizations support the football clubs by helping them accumulate resources for further expenditures and maintaining the team. In return companies like GamStop achieve the exposure that it requires to sustain.  There are many gambling companies allowing players to bet on sites not affected by GamStop but some organizations are completely against it.

Middlesbrough Football Club 

According to the new regulations of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission Football Clubs have to abide by the recently updated rules of government compulsorily collaborating with GamStop. Their collaboration was to signify the Middlesbrough Football Club stands against the scenario of corruption invited by the sudden popularity of the gambling industry. The primary motivation was to promote safe gambling practices. 

This collaboration was positively impacting GamStop. It was gaining attention and a fair share of publicity during the match days. It helps people evoking a sense of awareness for the cause. The step was taken in order to display a sense of solidarity with the punters and their families who are being affected by the loss due to overindulgences in gambling. This also safeguards the members of the football club including the team to stay woke and stay away from such vices. 

Luton Town Football Club 

Luton Town was one of the first to collaborate with GamStop to stand by the affected punters and their families. Their support stands as a symbol of promoting gambling in moderation banishing overindulgence. Not just limited to promotion during match days but promotion takes place in the social media handles of Luton Town FC including their official website. 

Safer Gambling Week Supporters 

The Safer Gambling Week is supported by a huge number of organizations from the gambling industry both online and offline, that too for both commercial and non-commercial profit. Safer gambling Week is held once every year which is usually targeted towards turning heads to safer gambling practices. The purpose is to create awareness regarding what steps one can take in order to get over addictive gambling practices. 

Even major organization like Facebook has been a part of this Safer Gambling Week Campaign to be in support of the cause. 

Swansea City

In order to support the idea of safer gambling practices to stop being negatively influenced by it. The players’ jersey sported the logo for safer gambling. This Jersey not only gives out the message intended but also fetched many deals of sponsorship. 

West Ham United

West Ham United is one of those Premier League clubs that supported the safer gambling week campaign for the year 2019. Backed by the ELF and sponsored by Skybet, West Ham United helps the same purpose influencing viewers and fans to take under consideration the service is by GamStop. In 2020 Safer Gambling Week West Ham United partnered with Betway to help punters at risk.  


The collaboration of football teams with GamStop in order to protect gamblers is a mutually beneficial step taken for popularising GamStop services and calculating funds for the sustenance of these football clubs.  

However, leading football clubs tend to lose out on sponsorship money when they choose to avoid Gambling Ads, merchandise, and sports gear with casino logos, social media campaigns, etc. The clubs often need to invest mammoth funds to hunt for alternative sponsors, willing to put in similar cash breathers.