Two Ways For Football Clubs Regards Gambling

Two Ways For Football Clubs Regards Gambling

People who have their gambling habits in control can definitely look for more options to choose from and not worry about GamStop in general and for them there are plenty of gambling sites without GamStop scheme available in the United Kingdom. Football companies partner with gambling companies for multiple reasons that can either be good or bad at times depending on the cause and effect. However, there is always a choice that can be made either for personal benefit or for the overall improvement of the country. 

Become Responsible Gambling Supporters 

Plenty of football clubs thrive on good gambling partnerships in order to flourish. The number of clubs that have been working with gambling sportsbooks has been increasing over the years. Clubs have taken steps towards promoting responsible gambling in a variety of ways: 

  • Providing Support To The Safer Gambling Week and spreading responsible gambling messages: Most UK-based football clubs have signed up for the Responsible Gambling Week which is an annual campaign held in November. It ensures that all casino businesses, both online and offline, promote responsible and safe gambling for one week. This is done in order to make people realize the importance of ensuring safety and security while gambling. Some football clubs like Stoke City FC, Blackburn Rovers, Derby County, Sunderland AFC, Middlesbrough have replaced their club logo with the logo of Safer Gambling Week on their player jerseys as well. 
  • Football Kits promote Gambling and also GamStop: Many Football clubs have partnered with gambling operators. Football kits have replaced gambling company logos with meaningful and motivational messages for safe gambling. Fans across the globe get motivated via these messages and try to keep gambling as a hobby and not an obsession.
  • UK Elite Athletes: The UK Elite Athletes have a partnership with the Professional Players Federation to support GamStop.  It is a two-way benefit as the members who are affected by gambling get good use of the scheme while GamStop gets its promotion in order to lower the numbers of gambling addicts in the country.

Accepting Betting Firm Sponsorships 

Football fans have a mixed reaction when it comes to gambling. Gambling sponsorships in football have both positive and negative effects because people might take it the wrong way and feel that promoting healthy gambling conveys that gambling is safe and people should consider it as a sport. Thus, fans may even start to link football players and clubs to gambling which would eventually seem like a normal activity to them leading to adversities. 

  • Promoting betting companies: There are plenty of people who are facing gambling addiction in the UK and many are at risk. Despite these football clubs trying to promote safer gambling, the fans of football would consider it as a promotion and get influenced by it. With such a wide range of online casinos, it is very easy to start gambling online which can lead to such addictions. Many children who are football enthusiasts get wrongly motivated by the gambling sponsoring content and eventually end up gambling. 
  • Receiving Money For Club Development: Football clubs tend to be inclined towards gambling company sponsorships as they bring in additional benefits for the club. These sponsorships not only fund the clubs but also help in development as a whole. Thus, football clubs usually reach out for such sponsorship opportunities. 


Gambling is very popular among countries with the onset of globalization. However, problem gambling has also been rising and is a growing public health issue in many countries including the UK. Football plays a critical role in the promotion and neutralization of gambling simultaneously. The football clubs broadcast gambling advertisements as a part of their contract but do not lure people to gamble indirectly. 

But, the messages that are portrayed are mixed and by marketing gambling, football somehow contributes to the increase of problem gambling in our society along with other associated harms among the children too. Furthermore, there is a belief that a part of gambling profits comes from the problem gamblers as well.