Fabio da Silva reveals what United must do to get best out of Wan-Bissaka

Fabio da Silva reveals what United must do to get best out of Wan-Bissaka

Speaking about how Man United can get Aaron Wan-Bissaka performing at his best more consistently, former Red Devil Fabio da Silva told MEN: “If you see how Luke Shaw is doing this season, I think it’s the best season he’s been having for so long at Man United.

Telles has made him improve, someone to say ‘if you’re not playing well, if you’re not concentrating, working hard, you’re going to lose your place’.

“This definitely makes you play better, so for Wan-Bissaka if they bring in a good right-back, you’re going to help him to improve. 100 per cent, this is what makes players compete for their place, and to improve. If you play every game, you have no competition and you can start to get in a comfort zone, it’s not good for you.”

But Fabio also praised Wan-Bisska’s improvements this season, saying: “I think he’s already improved, to be honest.

“I watch a lot of Man United, I follow them, and before he arrived I thought as an offensive full-back for United, he’s not going to do it. Everyone knew he was a great defender, his positioning is good, but at the beginning, I thought: ‘I don’t know’.

“But now, really, he has improved a lot. He can still improve more, he is young, but now he’s a much better offensive player than when he arrived. So if he keeps improving, he will be a fantastic player, I really like him.”

Wan-Bissaka became the highest-scoring right-back in the Premier League with his clever goal vs Southampton, marking his second this season. He also got an assist from Anthony Martial’s goal later on and seems to be working very hard to improve his attacking product with each game.