'Proving many of us wrong' vs 'Still a level below ideal first XI quality': Man United fans split on Scott McTominay

'Proving many of us wrong' vs 'Still a level below ideal first XI quality': Man United fans split on Scott McTominay

Scott McTominay has surprisingly established himself as one of the key players for Erik ten Hag at Manchester United.

And while the 25-year-old is currently keeping Casemiro out of the starting XI, some fans are yet to be convinced by the Scot's ability.

For McTominay

OleGunnar20 (all reactions via RedCafe): "Great to see him improving so markedly. ETH and co. are clearly doing some great work with him and he's clearly making the most. Long may it continue. I'd written him off long ago. Here's hoping he continues to prove me wrong."

Nevilles.Wear.Prada: "Sometimes we don't have to have 11 world class players in every position. Long may his good form continue. At this rate we have either a solid player who can do the job required or a competent deputy. His improved current level will be the bare minimum we should be expecting from new DM signings. McTom is proving many of us wrong."

Bebestation: "His passing has improved considerably and yet people talk about his passing like nothing has happened. Feels like some players just can't get in to heart of some fans no matter how they play or improve."

Against McTominay

NZT-One: "The more he gets bigged up, the higher the fall once it happens. To say he is developing into an Ndidi role after 3 or 4 games is borderline optimistic. Let's see how he deals with opponents who will be prepared to our style of play."

OrcaFat: "He still has the problem of not receiving the ball from his teammates, it's striking how many more passes Casemiro makes despite being new and off the pace. Casemiro instinctively knows where to position himself. I like to see the lad improve, get plenty of games, keep the others on their toes. That said, he's still a level below the ideal first XI quality, in my view."

Poborsky's hair: "He has certainly improved, but pretty much everyone who is playing improved, because we improved as a team. Also it is really easy to improve upon the some really week in and out really horrible performances, so the bar was set very low. If we get used to him as a starter then top 4 is really our maximum, with the other positions filled with quality, one Championship, lower league player in form will not drag us too down. But there are really huge limitations in his game and huge room for improvement when we replace him."

Source: RedCafe