Roy Keane asked if he's 'smoking weed' for calling Erling Haaland a League Two player

Roy Keane asked if he's 'smoking weed' for calling Erling Haaland a League Two player

The latest episode of the Stick To Football podcast had plenty of discussions about Erling Haaland and, well, weed.

Roy Keane and Arsenal legend Ian Wright were joined by former NFL defensive lineman and Burnley co-owner JJ Watt.

The Manchester United icon famously branded Haaland a 'League Two player' for his poor link-up play against Arsenal.

Watt, in disbelief, asked Keane: "League Two striker? Were you smoking weed?"

Keane doubled down on his stance, replying: "I don't know what the big deal is, I give Erling Haaland praise every week, I give Manchester City praise, and I think he's an amazing striker. But his general play is that of a League Two player.

"And I'm glad you are not agreeing with me, I don't expect people to agree with me.‌

"His general play, week in, week out is nowhere near good enough. As a goal scorer and a striker, the best – and I said that.

"His link-up play, the way he lays the ball off, sometimes the options he gives his teammates or the options he doesn't give them – as a striker and a goal scorer the best in the world, but his other play is that of a League Two player."

Interestingly, even Wright agreed with Keano's point of view on Haaland, adding: "[When his teammates are shut out] that's when you need Haaland to be more savvy.

"But we need to remember he's only 23, he's still learning the game, but you need to be more savvy in how you're going to make moves to get time on the ball, and what we're seeing is that he's not doing that currently."

After strong links to Manchester United under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Haaland eventually joined Man City in 2022. He's already scored 55 goals in the Premier League in a little under two seasons.

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