Madridistas name reasons for and against Mendy exit – one has to do with Xabi Alonso

Madridistas name reasons for and against Mendy exit – one has to do with Xabi Alonso

We've asked Real Madrid fans what the club should do with Ferland Mendy this summer.

The Frenchman has been so convincing lately most of them would love the Whites to keep him!

💭 Abdulmalik: "I prefer Mendy staying due to emergency purposes. He is always there for us when we need him the most."

💭 BrownLuputa: "I prefer to sell Fran Garcia. Mendy is not Marcelo, but he is a complete defender. Selling him is not a good idea. If I were [Florentino] Perez, I would keep him another two-three seasons."

💭 MoeletsiMkame: "He is a winger's nightmare. The one player I would use to shut down strong, pacy, and tricky wingers like Dembele and Raphinha. City had more joy down Carvajal's side than Mendy's. Mendy defends, Davies and Garcia attack."

💭 Mr Charles: "Mendy is extremely reliable and excels as an aggressive left winger when playing for an attacking manager. He focuses more on offensive moves rather than defensive ones. [Xabi] Alonso, on the other hand, operates in a three-at-the-back formation with five midfielders where his presence as a left winger is crucial."

There are a few Madridistas who would like him out, however.

💭 Abdulhameed: "Sell him and find another player in this position. He is injury-prone and lacks confidence in his ability. He always kills our attacking system – even most of the players avoid passing ball to him. He often passes the ball back instead of trying to play forward."

💭 KingCharles: "If he improves, keep him. If he stays like that, get him off... he's too shaky."

💭 Luthur: "Sell him and sign Alphonso Davies."

AuthorKosta Kö