'There are no useless emotions at Real Madrid': fans react to Carlo Ancelotti's goalkeeper decision for UCL final

'There are no useless emotions at Real Madrid': fans react to Carlo Ancelotti's goalkeeper decision for UCL final

Carlo Ancelotti has reportedly decided to start Thibaut Courtois in goal for the Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund.

This is even after Andriy Lunin’s heroics in the knockout phases. The Ukrainian goalkeeper was especially superb in helping Real Madrid defeat Bayern Munich in the semi-final.

But Courtois remains the undisputed no.1 at the club and get the goalkeeper’s spot in the final against Dortmund.

Despite some criticism on Lunin being ‘robbed’ of a deserved starting spot, some Real Madrid fans are strongly backing Ancelotti’s decision to start Courtois. Here are some favored reactions from Reddit.

Bustamante: “This argument would make sense if it was Keylor instead of Courtuois. We are talking about one of the best in history, not just a good goalkeeper.  Swap the names for a second and think about Madrid being in the same situation years ago with their strikers. Morata being Lunin and CR7 being Curtuois. You would not even hesitate to choose Cristiano. It is the same case here.”

YoungGalacticos: “Just like we trust the players to go into every game to do a job and execute, we also need to trust the manager and coaching staff to do their job. Carlo and the staff are the best in the world at what they do, and I trust they make the absolute best decision across all important vectors: how to win, how to manage players, and how to support the people.”

OK_Constant4949: “If you have followed Madrid for a while you should know how things work here. There are no useless emotions here and that is why we are the best run club. Remember Ramos renewal, ozil, di maria, navas sales? Hell Perez even let CR7 go. If the team has confirmed the best keeper in the world to be fit, they have all the right to start him. As a fan, I will support the team regardless of the starting keeper. A lot of fans are saying if courtois starts, lunin shouldn’t sign the renewal and move. But guess what, these guys already have a plan to get someone else. If we’re going by the “deserved” logic, why don’t we just score own goals and let Reus win it so we can all be happy with a beautiful story? I’m so tired with these lunin posts everyday Trust the coach and support the club.”

Humburg93: “Lunin was great and I’m glad he stepped up while Courtois was out, but it’s a champions league final and you absolutely can not risk losing it. The better keeper should play and if that’s Courtois even after injury so be it. I do feel slightly more secure with Courtois for this one tho, Lunin and corners make me nervous.”

Igpila: “Courtois needs to start, he's the best keeper in the world and it's a champions league final, he can easily make the difference for the title, like he did against Liverpool.”

OK_Aerie99: “You can’t sit your best players down simple as that.”

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