Italian nutritionist urges Leo Messi to stop eating pizza

Italian nutritionist urges Leo Messi to stop eating pizza
  • Giuliano Poser, Italian nutritionist has developed a special diet for the Argentine genius 
  • His advice for Leo is to cut down on sugar and too much meat 
  • Finally, the 32-year-old should never overindulge in pizza, as per Poser

Giuliano Poser, Italian nutritionist who works with Messi's physique has identified 5 key components which are the cornerstone of Messi's diet:

"Also very good are nuts and seeds,” Poser explained, warning Messi against sugar consumption

"[Sugar] is the worst thing for the muscles. The farther he stays away from sugars, the better," he continued. “Refined flours are also a big problem as these days, it’s difficult to find uncontaminated wheat."

Another important point, is, of course keeping the amount of meat down to minimum, so that Messi could continue being lethal in counter with his incredible speed and technique:

"The amount of meat normally eaten by Argentinians and Uruguayans is too much, as it is difficult to digest," he said.

“My methods are not in doubt, everyone can see Leo week in, week out.”

Giuliano went on to emphasize the Argentine genius has also had to get rid of yet another harmful habit - eating pizza, one of Leo's most favorite meals. 

Well, that's sports and you can hardly do anything about it, can you?

Source: Goal