BarcelonaLa LigaCoach: XaviCaptain: ter StegenStadium: Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys (55926)


La Liga. Friday, 29 September, 2023
La Liga. Tuesday, 26 September, 2023
UEFA Champions League. Wednesday, 4 October, 2023
La Liga. Sunday, 8 October, 2023
La Liga. Sunday, 22 October, 2023
UEFA Champions League. Wednesday, 25 October, 2023


About the team

Squad: number of players – 28, average team age – 24.11, foreign players – 11, national team players – 13Show more
Date of foundation: 1899


Who is FC Barcelona's sponsor?
For the 2022/23 season, FC Barcelona's title sponsor is music streaming platform Spotify. The company also owns the naming rights to the club's stadium Camp Nou. The technical sponsor is the clothing and footwear manufacturer Nike.
What stadium does FC Barcelona play at?
FC Barcelona plays at Spotify Camp Nou in the Catalan capital. The stadium was built in 1957, has a capacity of over 99,000 and is the largest football stadium in Europe. Tours are held at the stadium where you can buy game tickets, as well as merchandise in the official club store.
Why is FC Barcelona's stadium called Camp Nou?
The FC Barcelona stadium is called Camp Nou due to its location. Camp Nou means "New Field" in Catalan, as the previous stadium, "Les Corts", was not large enough for Barça fans.
Who owns FC Barcelona?
The owners of FC Barcelona are actually fans of the club. Also known as socios, they have the right to vote in elections that determine who will compose the club's board and make strategic decisions. The club itself is a limited liability company (Sociedad Anónima Deportiva). The number of socios exceeds 150,000 people.
How many trophies does FC Barcelona have?
Since its foundation in 1899, FC Barcelona has won over 90 trophies. Judging by the number of titles, the club is the most decorated in Spain and one of the most successful in the world: • 26 Spanish football titles (La Liga); • 31 Spanish Football Cups (Copa del Rey); • 14 Spanish Football Supercups (Supercopa de España); • 5 UEFA Champions League titles; • 4 record-breaking UEFA Cup Winners' Cups; • 5 UEFA Super Cups; • 3 FIFA Club World Cups.
How many Champions League titles does Barcelona have?
FC Barcelona has won the UEFA Champions League five times (in the seasons of 1991/92, 2005/06, 2008/09, 2010/11, and 2014/15). It is worth noting that Real Madrid has become the winner of the Champions League 14 times.
Who is stronger, FC Barcelona or Real Madrid?
FC Barcelona has won the most titles not only in Spain but in all of Europe. By the start of the 2022/23 season, the club has over 90 trophies. Real Madrid has won the most UEFA Champions League titles though. Their players raised the desired cup over their heads 14 times. FIFA named Real Madrid the best football club of the 20th century.
What are FC Barcelona fans called?
FC Barcelona fans are called "cules" or "culers". This nickname originated when the club played its home matches at an old stadium of "Camp de la Industria". Due to the lack of seats, some fans sat down on the edge of the stadium walls, exposing their buttocks to the passers-by outside the stadium. And in Spanish, "cule" means "ass" while the Catalan word is "culers".
What is the other name for FC Barcelona?
FC Barcelona is simply called "Barcelona" or "Barca" (Barça), as well as "Blaugrana" in connection with the main colors of the club – blue and garnet. The motto of the club is "Més que un club" or "More than a club".
What is the short name for FC Barcelona?
FC Barcelona is most often called as "Barcelona", "Barca", "Barça" or FCB.
Who scored the most against FC Barcelona?
The Spanish striker Guillermo Gorostiza Paredes scored the most goals against Barcelona – 24 goals. In the UEFA Champions League, German striker Thomas Müller scored the most goals against Barca – 7 goals.
What is the debt of FC Barcelona?
The debts of FC Barcelona exceed 1 billion euros. The main reasons for the debt are related to the high cost of player wages, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, which has greatly affected the club's commercial income.
Who is coaching FC Barcelona now?
FC Barcelona's head coach for the 2022/23 season is Xavi Hernandez. He is also a club academy graduate and is rightfully considered as one of the most outstanding players in its history. He played more than 750 matches for Barça, often as the team captain.
Why did Guardiola leave FC Barcelona?
Pep Guardiola coached FC Barcelona from 2008 to 2012. As a reason for leaving the club, he himself called fatigue and the need to take a break from coaching. He also noted that it was difficult for him to continue working under constant pressure. Guardiola returned to active coaching in July 2013, heading Bayern Munich.