'I couldn't have done more': Jurgen Klopp reflects on his Liverpool period

'I couldn't have done more': Jurgen Klopp reflects on his Liverpool period

"I'm absolutely fine," Jurgen Klopp told a press conference when asked to reflect on his time at Liverpool.

"I know we could have won more, but I cannot change that anymore, so I'm absolutely fine. We could've won less, that's possible as well.

"Not becoming a champion for a point is not a great experience but it's an experience and it shows you that you are really good. That will not be in the history books.

"I think this one season, when we don't score at City when the ball was pretty much over the line but it was not. In the same season, two or three weeks later, I think [Sergio] Aguero scores a goal where it is that much at Burnley over the line. Yeah, sorry, it's not my fault. I take responsibility for everything but not for that.

"So, we could've [won more], but it's fine. We could have won more Champions Leagues. Being three times in the Champions League final is an outstanding achievement.

"Being brave enough and [to] try always again as hard as we did is really brave because there is a good chance that you lose the final. It's just how it is because you face then Real Madrid, they went in the final and so far found always the way to win it, and we tried again and that's how it is.

"I would not be happy if I would've thought I could have done more. I couldn't. I couldn't have done more. Could I have done better? Me? Not. Could somebody else have done better? Probably, that's possible. But me in that situation, no.

"And that's why I'm fine with it and the rest will be judged by the people and I'm pretty sure more of them are fine with what we did, and some think it's not enough, and both is absolutely alright if they think like that."

In eight and a half years at Anfield, Jurgen Klopp has led Liverpool to every major trophy, including the Champions League in 2019 and the first league title in 30 years a season later.

Still, his place in the club's history will not be reflected in trophies alone. He took over a mid-table side in search of identity and took it to the top while playing a recognisable style of football, setting an example for the next Liverpool teams.

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