Recalling no-BS thing Sir Alex Ferguson told Ronaldo when Real Madrid came along — what followed next

Recalling no-BS thing Sir Alex Ferguson told Ronaldo when Real Madrid came along — what followed next

Cristiano Ronaldo was on top of the world in the summer of 2008, having just led Manchester United to the Premier League and Champions League titles.

Real Madrid, who had been keeping an eye on the Portuguese forward, came knocking — but Sir Alex Ferguson was having none of it at the time.

In his autobiography, Sir Alex writes: "I found the boy expressing an urge to go to Real Madrid, and told him: 'You can't go this year, not after the way [Madrid president] Calderon has approached the issue.'

"I said, 'I know you want to go to Real Madrid, but I'd rather shoot you than sell you to that guy now. If you perform, don't mess us about, and someone comes and offers us a world record fee, then we will let you go.'

"I had already conveyed that message to his agent Jorge Mendes. I did well to calm him down. I told him the reason I was refusing to sell him that year was because of Calderon.

"I said, 'If I do that, all my honour's gone, everything's gone for me, and I don't care if you have to sit in the stands. I know it won't come to that, but I just have to tell you I will not let you leave this year."

Ronaldo ended up staying at Old Trafford for a further year, scoring 26 goals across all competitions and winning one final league title with the Red Devils.

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jallow saikou
Since Sir Alex's retirement, Manchester United is now having a manager close to like him(ETH). No nonsense man. You either play by his rule or you pay the price.
one thing I loved about ETH was his honesty, no BS, he's not afraid to talk or deal with situations, and that will bring him success, no matter who you are ETH is not afraid to tell you the truth, if a player is under discipline he will not lie that the player is injured, if a player refused to play for example, he will make it clear to everyone so that we know the problem and then deal with the player instead of begging the player, if a player played bad, trust me he will come out straight to such player instead of sugar-coated what happened.
rutebuka frederic
Decision maker!

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