💜 UPDATE the app to unlock NEW FEATURES

💜 UPDATE the app to unlock NEW FEATURES

Hi, this is an app admin! We're bringing you the latest update that will improve your app experience.

All the features you love stay the same, but we've also added a lot more to make Real Live the hub for all Madridistas. Here's what's new.

1. More stat and transfer features. Dive into the team's form with more exhaustive league standings, stats on every player, a head-to-head record against other clubs, and so much more.

Study every player of the past and current Real Madrid squads, check out the latest transfers and injury records, and explore even more new features by yourself!

2. All football scores in one app. You no longer need an extra app with scores when all the football is in here. Check out scores and players from other leagues and countries in your Real app.

3. Fresh design and dark mode. We have completely redesigned the app for your convenience and also introduced the dark mode.

4. Ad-free subscription. You can subscribe to our app and turn off the ads (currently only available for iOS). Go to the profile settings to activate your subscription; the first 7 days are free. Even if you don't subscribe, all the features will remain available.

5. Have your posts on the main page. Sharing your thoughts about Real Madrid has become a lot easier. Write a post from your user profile, and if the post gets a +5 rating, it will automatically be shared in the main feed.

These are just some of the new features we've prepared for you, and more updates are coming. Our goal is to make this app your go-to place for all things Real Madrid and football in general, be it news, stats, transfer stories, comments, and so much more.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the new update and if we can help you with anything!