'He’s strong as anything': ex-teammate hails 'machine' James Milner

'He’s strong as anything': ex-teammate hails 'machine' James Milner
  • Curtis Davies played with Mille at Aston Villa between 2008 and 2010.
  • Even then, James was constatnly working on his physical qualities.
  • It surely helped him remain at the top of the Premier League for the following decade.

“James is a machine,” Curtis Davies told Stadium Astro about James Milner who he played with at Aston Villa over a decade ago.

"He can run like the wind, he’s strong as anything, so when he goes to the gym he can work really hard and recover well.

“Whereas other players might not have that recovery, so they feel they want to conserve their energy to make sure when they get onto the matchday pitch they are giving everything and still performing.

“If I had two comparisons in one squad, Ashley Young never went in the gym and James Milner went in the gym and they both had comparable careers in terms of one went to Manchester United, one went to Manchester City and they both won league titles.”

Last week, James Milner turned 35 years old and if you ever needed a reminder about how long he's been in football, the FA Cup game against Aston Villa was just that.

He shows few signs of slowing down, either: all in all, he's made 17 appearances this season, and that is despite an injury that sidelined him for 3 weeks in December.

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Uncle Hanz
I think any of Liverpool’s player that’s retired until the end of their retiring age and did very well during that time should be considered as a legend and to be remembered. They are not only played very well but faithful and sincere when been engaged with instructions given by their official coaches. And James Milner is one of that we called a true respected legend for Liverpool FC. Am I correct to say this or am I wrong? Please correct me.. cos I am still a human being. Thumb up guy!!!
Hope he stays with us for many years to come. He is a very hard working person true to himself and to others. Well liked by the fans and a true legend. He is a true gentleman and a professional dedicated his life to the sport he enjoyed. I honestly think he should be honoured by the Queen for his dedication to sport. Rise Sir James Milner.
Paul Todd
There's only one James Miller one of elite football greats YNWA 👍

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